Cathy’s 2021 Ballot Guide

Cathy’s 2021 Ballot Recommendations

Poudre School District School Board Elections

(You can vote for all 4 candidates)
District C: Kristen Draper
District D: Jim Brokish
District E: Carolyn Reed
District G: Jessica Zamora

School board elections take on a new importance this year with four of the seven PSD school board seats up for election and stark choices available in every race. The candidates advocating for “personal choice” want to ensure there are no mask or vaccine mandates in our schools. My recommended candidates believe in keeping our students, teachers, and school personnel safe by following science and public health recommendations. We must keep our schools safe if we want to keep kids in schools. And we must keep our children safe who cannot yet be vaccinated.

Statewide Ballot Issues

Amendment 78: Legislative Authority for Spending State Money
Cathy recommends a NO vote
This measure would add additional bureaucracy, cost, and time to the process of spending state money. It is ironic that those who tend to argue that government isn’t nimble or flexible are advocating for this measure which will make it even more unwieldy and give them more to complain about.

Amendment 78 would add language to the state constitution and requires 55% approval for passage.

Proposition 119: Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program
Cathy recommends a NO vote
This measure takes money from (1) the state general fund, (2) the state land trust, and (3) increases marijuana taxes. It allows this money to be spent on “out-of-school learning and enrichment opportunities”, but specifically excludes school tuition, instruction, or materials that are part of the student’s regular school curriculum. This measure will take already limited money from our public schools and allow public money to be used instead to pay private service providers. Many of the organizations supporting this initiative are likely to receive money from it. My belief is that this public money should be used to pay for public education which remains underfunded in Colorado.

A position paper from Advocates for Public Education Policy describes the issue further (Click Here).

Proposition 120: Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction
Cathy recommends a NO vote
Proposition 120 would lower the property tax assessment rate permanently on multifamily and lodging properties. This loss in revenue will affect cities, counties, school districts, and special districts, impacting funding for services including public schools and local services such as road and street maintenance, police departments, fire protection, water and sewer infrastructure, parks, and libraries.

Additional Resources

  • Thanks to our Larimer County Clerk & Recorder Angela Myers for joining our local Fort Collins state legislators for this informative session on how our elections work and answering so many questions about election security. Click Here to Watch