Cathy Kipp on the School Board

I am currently serving as President of the Poudre School District (PSD) Board of Education!

PSD has come a long ways since I was first elected.

  • We have a new superintendent who is respected by staff, parents and community.
  • The board and district continually engage with our parents, community and staff on ways to make our district better.
  • The board has developed new cutting edge student centered goals for the district (our District Ends).
  • Your board of education has spent time advocating for improved funding and reducing the testing burden at the state and federal level – and we’ve made progress!

But my work is not done, there is more to do.  During my second term on the PSD’s Board of Education I am working towards these goals:

  • Oversee the implementation of the District Ends (the school board’s new cutting edge student centered goals).
  • Continue board advocacy for improved education funding and creating the best conditions to make all our students successful.
  • Keep listening to parents, staff and community about how to keep our district an excellent place to educate our kids.
  • Work to keep our schools excellent as our student population continues to grow.

Recent research shows that effective school boards improve their schools and raise student achievement.  You might not notice the work of an effective school board, but people quickly notice when their school boards fall into dysfunction.  Please come to the board’s community outreach sessions or volunteer to ensure excellent education in our community!