Session Overview

This session focused on saving Coloradans money, improving public safety, building a healthier Colorado, and preparing our students for success. We made record investments to reduce emissions, improve our air quality, shore up our water supply, and mitigate against increasing wildfire across the state. We also safeguarded foundational rights of Coloradans – from codifying the right to an abortion in state law to ensuring our elections remain safe and secure.

Cathy’s Bills in the 2022 Session

HB22-1220 Removing Barriers to Educator Preparation: Removes a number of barriers for students who want to become teachers to increase both the number and diversity of teachers in our workforce.
HB22-1223 Mobile Home Property Tax Sale Notice And Exemption: Creates an exemption for low-value mobile homes and modifies the notice requirements for mobile homes to be sold due to delinquent taxes.
HB22-1115 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: This bill will help prevent opioid and benzo abuse by making it easier for doctors to check the database prior to prescribing these substances.
HB22-1113  Appeal Procedures Dependency & Neglect Cases: A child welfare appeals workgroup established in the state judicial department made recommendations for changes in 2021. The bill requires the child welfare appeals workgroup to monitor those changes, study changes to the child welfare appeals system, and submit reports. The bill also requires the district court to make written orders within 35 days after a hearing.
HB22-1027 Sales Tax Destination Sourcing Rules Exception: Concerning the extension of the small retailer exception to the sales and use tax destination sourcing rules.
HB22-1039 Sales & Use Tax Exemption Form Simplification: This bill will simplify the means by which proof of eligibility for sales and use tax exemptions is established.
HB22-1242 Regulate Tiny Homes Manufacture Sale & Install: Many people don’t know that it is not legal in Colorado to live in a tiny home on a temporary foundation for more than 31 days at a time. However, we know people are living in these houses. This bill provides a path to allow people to both legally and safely live in tiny homes on temporary foundations.
HB22-1276 Sunset Second Chance Scholarship Program: This bill will Sunset the Second Chance Scholarship program which is a program to serve young people who were previously committed to help them achieve post-secondary success. Unfortunately, the program was not very efficient, so we have received a commitment to continue the program under the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Fund where it can be done more efficiently and will not require legislation.
HB22-1297 Daylight Saving Time Year Round:  Would make Daylight Saving Time Permanent in Colorado once Federal law allows.
HB22-1310 529 Account Apprenticeship Expenses: In light of changes to Federal law, the bill amends Colorado law to allow distributions from a 529 account for expenses for fees, books, supplies, and equipment in certain apprenticeship programs.
HB22-1320 Achieving a Better Life Experience Savings Accounts: Makes changes to achieving a better life experience (ABLE) savings program for individuals with disabilities.
HB22-1366 Improving Student’s Postsecondary Options: This bill will help increase access to postsecondary workforce readiness by providing increased access to financial aid information.
HCR-1003 Extend Homestead Exemption to Gold Star Spouses:  This bill will refer a measure to the voters on the November ballot to the Homestead Exemption for property tax to be extended to Gold Star Spouses.
SB22-032 Simplify Local Sales & Use Tax Administration: This bill will simplify local sales and use tax compliance and administration for retailers that make retail sales in local taxing jurisdictions where they have limited physical presence.
SB22-044 Use Of Student Growth In Educator Evaluations: Concerning limiting the use of student academic growth in evaluating a licensed educator’s performance.
SB22-064 Neighborhood Youth Organizations: Concerning requirements for neighborhood youth organizations that provide services designed for the development of youth.
SB22-144 Public and Nonprofit Entities Rideshare Contract:  Concerning the provision of transportation services by a transportation network company not in connection with a business operated for profit.
SB22-199 Native Pollinating Insects Protection Study: Concerning a study regarding the protection of native pollinating insects in the state.
SB22-171 Privacy Protections For Educators: The bill adds educators to the list of protected persons whose personal information may be withheld from the internet if the protected person believes dissemination of such information poses an imminent and serious threat to the protected person or the safety of the protected person’s immediate family.

For more information on legislation for the session download the session report below.