Session Overview

This session focused on gun violence prevention, fully funding K-12 public schools, meeting our workforce demands, improving air quality and reducing the cost of housing, health care and prescription drugs.

Cathy’s Bills in the 2024 Session

House Bills

HB24-1041 Streamline Filing Sales & Use Tax Returns 

  • This bill modifies tax filing thresholds for any sales and use taxes collected by jurisdictions that do not use the state sales and use tax simplification system (SUTS). It also requires that all home rule jurisdictions use the SUTS system beginning July 1, 2025.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Taggart ~~ Sen. Bridges & Van Winkle

HB24-1050 Simplify Processes Regarding Certain Local Gov Taxes 

  • This bill requires local taxing jurisdictions to report and publish information on local lodging tax and building permit-related sales or use tax. It expands the sales and use tax simplification task force to include local lodging tax simplification and mandates the task force to assess the feasibility of an electronic portal for collecting and remitting local lodging taxes.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Taggart & Kipp ~~ Sen. Bridges & Van Winkle

HB24-1058 Protect Privacy of Biological Data 

  • This bill adds protections for biological and neural data to the Colorado Privacy Act. While it sounds very futuristic, the technology to essentially read people’s thoughts with wearable electronic devices is here, and the privacy of your own thoughts and other biological data needs to be protected.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Soper ~~ Sen. Baisley & Priola

HB24-1250 Driving Improvement Course Driver’s License Points 

  • This bill allows an individual who has been convicted of a traffic infraction to attend a driving improvement course to waive license suspension points for the conviction. The individual must complete a driving improvement course that is offered by a commercial driving school and is approved by the Department of Revenue.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Armagost & Kipp ~~ Sen. Hansen & Smallwood

HB24-1290 Student Educator Stipend Program 

  • This bill requires the general assembly to appropriate money from the state education fund to fund stipends under the student educator stipend program, subject to available appropriations.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Bradfield & Kipp ~~ Sen. Zenzinger

HB24-1370 Reduce Cost of Use of Natural Gas 

  • This bill requires Colorado’s largest dual-fuel utility to work with local governments interested in developing pilot projects to reduce the use of natural gas.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Willford ~~ Sen. Winter F.

HB24-1376 Expand Teacher Mentorships 

  • This bill expands the grant program to include mentorship of novice teachers who have fewer than 3 years of teaching experience.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Marvin ~~ Sen. Zenzinger

HB24-1381 Sunset Division of Financial Services 

  • This bill implements the recommendations of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) regarding the Division of Financial Services, extending its existence and making various updates.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Soper ~~ Sen. Hansen & Mullica

HB24-1443 Public Trustee Fees 

  • This bill doubles most public trustee fees, introduces a new $300 fee for certain actions, and mandates inflation adjustments every two years.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Taggart ~~ Sen. Bridges & Van Winkle

Senate Bills

SB24-023 Hold Harmless for Error in GIS Database Data 

  • This bill holds harmless any vendor for an underpayment of a tax, charge, or fee liability that results solely from an error or omission in the Colorado Department of Revenue’s GIS database.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Taggart ~~ Sen. Van Winkle & Bridges

SB24-024 Local Lodging Tax Reporting on Sales Return 

  • This bill standardizes local lodging tax and aligns reporting requirements related to the remittance of a local lodging tax to reporting requirements for the remittance of other local taxes.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Taggart ~~ Sen. Briges & Van Winkle

SB24-025 Update Loc Gov Sales & Use Tax Collection 

  • This bill concerns local government sales and use taxes administered by the Department of Revenue, and revises, modernizes, and harmonizes various state statutes relating to the state administration of local sales and use tax into one uniform statute.
  • Rep. Kipp & Taggart ~~ Sen. Briges & Van Winkle

SB24-051 Adult Education 

  • This bill will help more adults to get high school diplomas – which increases their opportunities for work and additional education.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Catlin ~~ Sen. Zenzinger & Kirkmeyer

SB24-081 Perfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals 

  • This bill increases protection from perfluoroalkyl and prolyfluoroalkyl chemicals, otherwise known as PFAS or forever chemicals, and the harmful effects they have on our environment.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Rutinel ~~ Sen. Cutter

SB24-191 Host Homes for Youth 

  • This bill requires the Department of Human Services to oversee host home programs and sets requirements for organizations and host homes. It allows youths to stay for up to 21 days, with longer stays for those 18-21 who consent. Host homes housing youths under 11 need written consent from parents or guardians.
  • Sponsors: Rep. Kipp & Frizell ~~ Sen. Zenzinger & Simpson

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