Cathy’s 2024 Primary Recommendations

Democratic Primary Ballot

It matters to me who I work with at the Capitol and who represents us at all levels of government. Here are my recommendations for the three contested seats voters in my area will have the opportunity to vote for in the primary election. Primary ballots will be mailed the week of June 3rd and must be received by 7pm on Tuesday, June 25th to be counted.

✅House District 52: Yara Zokaie


I am running for State Senate this year since Senator Ginal is term-limited and I have endorsed Yara to replace me in the House representing south and east Fort Collins. Having represented this district for the past 6 years, I believe Yara is the candidate who best reflects the values of the people in this district.

Yara does not come from a wealthy family, she has worked hard to put herself through college and law school. Yara is a tax attorney who currently serves as Larimer County’s Chief Deputy Assessor. Yara helped to found a nonprofit in Northern Colorado to help marginalized populations and has been active in our community for years speaking out on issues of importance to our community. Yara is smart and personable. Check out her website, or feel free to give her a call at 970-430-6243.

I hope you will consider voting for Yara as your new representative for HD 52.

✅State Board of Education, CD 2: Kathy Gebhardt – Website:

Kathy Gebhardt has been fighting to adequately fund our public schools in Colorado for over 25 years. In my opinion, Kathy is the most qualified candidate in recent history to run to serve on the State Board of Education. In addition to her extensive work advocating for Colorado’s public schools, she has served on her local school board and actively participated in the Colorado Association of School Boards and the National Association of School Boards.

The State Board of Education is the governing board of the Colorado Department of Education. The board is made up of 9 members, one elected from each of Colorado’s 8 congressional districts and one at-large member representing the entire state. The State Board is charged with oversight of public education in Colorado. This includes establishing standards for our students, and establishing rules and regulations that govern our public schools. You can find additional information at:

I hope you will consider voting for Kathy Gebhardt to represent the 2nd Congressional District 2 on the State Board of Education.

✅CU Regent, At Large: Elliott Hood 


Elliott Hood is a CU graduate, a former teacher, and current school attorney. He has been traveling across Colorado to become your next CU Regent representing the entire state. As Regent, Elliott will work hard to: make CU more affordable and accessible, ban concealed carry on campus, make CU more sustainable, support collective bargaining for CU employees, protect academic freedom, and promote diversity, equity & inclusion. 

The CU Board of Regents is made up of 9 members, one elected from each of Colorado’s 8 congressional districts and one at-large member representing the entire state. The Board of Regents have oversight over the CU budget (about $5.5 billion), they set tuition, approve tenure recommendations, manage the CU President, and enact all policy and law that applies across the CU system.

Given his dedication to public education and his relevant professional and service experience, I believe that Elliott is the best candidate for CU Regent At-Large.

Other Races with Unopposed Primaries on the Democratic Ballot

Please take a moment and vote for other candidates on your primary ballot. Even though we may be unopposed in the primary, we all have opponents in the General election in November. Please take a moment to give us your vote of confidence in the primary election. Thank you!

Important Note for Unaffiliated Voters

If you are an unaffiliated voter, you will receive both a Democratic and a Republican primary ballot. Only vote ONE ballot. If you vote both ballots, neither will be counted.

And lastly…

If you have questions about my endorsements, please feel free to call me at 970-219-5267. I’m always happy to talk more about why I’ve decided to endorse these excellent candidates in these races.