Session Overview

The 2020 legislative session was unlike any other session before it. From an unprecedented global health emergency and the dire budget consequences we faced, to the chaotic flashpoint of a centuries-long struggle for justice taking place outside of the Capitol, we’ve had everything but business as usual at the General Assembly this year.

Cathy’s Bills in the 2020 Session

Here are the bills I sponsored in the 2020 Legislative Session:

HB20-1032: Timing K-12 Education Standards Review – The Colorado Academic Standards have to be reviewed and possibly tweaked every 6 years. This bill allows the work load to be spread out by reviewing about a third of the standards every 2 years instead of having to do them all at once.

HB20-1280: CDHE Data for Student Return on Investment Metrics – This bill allows the Colorado Department of Higher Education the authority to collect data from additional post-secondary institutions to add to their annual Return on Investment Report. The idea is to protect students from predatory, for-profit colleges by giving them good information with which to make decisions regarding their post high school education.

SB20-006: Amend Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) – Improvements to the COSI program which uses matching public and private dollars for our students who need help the most. The scholarships combined with appropriate wraparound services have an 89% success rate.

SB20-106: Consent to Shelter and Services by Homeless Youths – Will allow homeless youths to consent to receive shelter and services without the consent of a guardian. This means that young people who have been kicked out of the house, are victims of human trafficking, have run away, etc, can consent to receive shelter and services instead of having to remain on the streets. We believe this bill will make our youth safer.

HB20-1407: College Admission Use of National Test Score – Will allow our Colorado public colleges and universities to waive the requirement of an ACT or SAT score for college admissions purposes for those students who will graduate from high school in 2021. These students missed taking these tests since this Spring and it is not clear when and how they will be offered again. This bill will take away this roadblock for many of our students for entering college and help increase college enrollments.