Caucus & Primaries in 2020

Even with Colorado’s first Presidential Primary in 2020, Caucus will still be a critical part of our political process.  There are a number of important activities that will be addressed at Caucus, including: 

  • Delegates to the Larimer County Assembly and Convention will be elected
  • PCPs (Precinct Committee People) will be elected
  • Caucus attendees will review Party Platform changes
  • Caucus will serve as the start of the U.S. Senate Nominee process. 

What are Precincts?

Caucus is organized by Precincts, which is how Larimer County is divided up. You can find your precinct here:

Who is eligible to Caucus?

There are a few dates and requirements to keep in mind to be eligible to Caucus:

Commit to Caucus for Cathy

Delegates who are elected at Caucus will attend the County Assembly and Convention.  It is during the County Assembly and Convention that the HD52 Democratic Candidate will be determined.  In order to Caucus for Cathy, you need to:  

  • 1: Make sure to attend Caucus
  • 2: When broken out into your precinct, run to be a delegate based on your choice for Senate.  
  • 3: Attend the County Assembly (on March 21st).  While there, cast your vote for Cathy to be your HD52 candidate.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please contact: 

  • To learn more about Caucus time or locations:
  • To learn more about voter registration or eligibility to Caucus, contact the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder at 970-498-7860