$428 MILLION to save you money on housing

$178M: State Grants Investments Local Affordable Housing HB22-1304 Provides grants to local governments and nonprofits around the state to buy land and develop affordable housing in communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

$150M: Revolving Loan Fund Invest Affordable Housing SB22-159 Creates a revolving loan program to finance affordable workforce housing, senior housing, housing designed for people living with disabilities, and more.

$40M: Innovative Housing Incentive Program HB22-1282 Boosts the affordable housing supply and increases homeownership rates by attracting and supporting the construction of innovative forms of affordable housing.

$35M: Loan Program Resident Owned Communities SB22-160 Ensures the long term affordability of mobile home parks by helping residents buy their land and create resident-owned communities.

$25M: CHFA Middle Income Access Program SB22-146 Expands critical workforce housing so that middle-income families can access affordable housing in the communities they work in.

$200 MILLION to reduce homelessness

$105M: Local Grants Program HB22-1377 Directs flexible grant funding to local governments and nonprofits that are pursuing innovative measures to address the needs of individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Those initiatives may include wraparound supportive services, care coordination, emergency shelters, transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, and property conversion.

$50M: Denver-Metro Residential Campus HB22-1378 Authorizes the Division of Housing to solicit applications from local governments and
nonprofits in the Denver-Metro area to build or acquire and then facilitate a regional
navigation campus to holistically respond to and prevent homelessness. This campus
will integrate emergency, transitional and permanent supportive housing with
behavioral health care, substance use disorder treatment, medical care, case
management, employment and skills training and more – all in one location.

$45M: Ridge View Supportive Community Campus SB22-211 Repurposes Ridge View, a currently unused, state-owned facility, into a recovery-oriented community for individuals without stable housing who wish to focus on
recovering from a chronic substance use disorder. This revitalized campus will include
transitional housing for up to two years, a recovery-focused continuum of care and a
federally qualified health clinic on site.