$450 MILLION to invest in your behavioral health

Community Gap Grant Program
HB22-1281 $90M
Provides grants for local governments and nonprofit organizations to implement community-based programs and services to fill regional gaps in the continuum of care across the state so Colorado families can find behavioral health care closer to their homes.

Behavioral Health Care Workforce
SB22-181 $72.7M
Tackles Colorado’s workforce shortages and provider burnout by improving recruiting and retention, promoting internships, expanding funding for school loan repayment, increasing the number of peer support specialists and bolstering professional development opportunities.

Adult Residential Beds
HB22-1303 $65M
Invests in 16 beds at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan and up to 125 residential care beds statewide to ensure that adults with urgent behavioral health needs receive integrated and flexible behavioral health care.

Diversion from the Criminal Justice System
SB22-196 $62M
Provides funding to programs that redirect people with behavioral health needs from involvement with the criminal justice system, invests in pre-trial diversion, and bolsters medication-assisted treatment for inmates with opioid use disorders in order to facilitate long-term treatment and recovery upon release.

Youth & Family Residential Beds
HB22-1283 $54M
Creates in-home and residential respite care in seven regions of the state for children and families and provides funds to build and staff a youth neuro-psych facility so that children and their families can access the lifesaving behavioral health treatment and services they need.

Health Care Practice Transformation
HB22-1302 $35M
Integrates physical and behavioral health care so that Coloradans can more easily access mental health care and substance use disorder screening at their primary care provider.

Care Coordination
SB22-177 $12.2M
Bolsters Colorado’s statewide care coordination infrastructure by investing in the training of behavioral
health care navigators and reducing administrative burdens on providers.

Behavioral Health Care Services for Children
SB22-147 $11.1M

Expands school-based health centers across the state invests in more mental health professionals in our schools, and supports the University of Colorado’s pediatric psychiatry program to assist primary care providers in identifying and treating mild to moderate behavioral health conditions in children.

Colorado Land-based Tribe Facility
SB22-148 $5M

Increases access to culturally-responsive behavioral health care by investing in the development of a behavioral health inpatient and transitional housing facility for Colorado’s land-based Tribes.

$43M MORE!
HB22-1243 includes $6 million to expand the I Matter program that provides free counseling sessions to youth for two more years and $2 million for the school mental health professional matching grant program.
HB22-1326 includes $20 million for naloxone bulk purchase, $6 million for harm reduction programs, and $3 million for medication-assisted treatment in jails.
SB22-183 includes $6 million for the domestic violence prevention
program within the Colorado Department of Human Services.