Major Bills

  • Retirement Security/Secure Savings Board: SB19-173
    • This bill creates a Secure Savings Board to analyze and make recommendations on how to create a retirement savings plan that is available to private sector employees, so that all workers in Colorado have the tools to plan for a secure retirement.
  • Open Internet Consumer Protections in Colorado: SB19-078
    • Protects a free and open Internet in Colorado by leveraging state dollars to ensure fair practices are used by internet service providers. Disqualifies an ISP from receiving state grant money if they interfere with the open internet and gives a preference for state contracts to ISPs that respect net neutrality.
  • Family Medical Leave Insurance Program: SB19-188
    • Over 90 percent of Coloradans don’t have access to paid leave to care for a sick loved one or a newborn. This bill creates an outline and implementation schedule that lays the foundation for a strong, robust paid family leave policy for Colorado workers and businesses by 2024.
  • Local Government Minimum Wage: HB19-1210
    • This bill will allow local governments to adjust their minimum wage up to more effectively address the local cost of living, rather than have to adhere to a statewide standard in a state where local real estate markets and health care costs vary dramatically.