Election Reform

In 2019 we passed legislation to encourage participation in our democracy while giving people an equal voice in the presidential election.

  • National Popular Vote: SB19-042
    • Colorado enters an agreement with other states that when the compact’s electoral vote share reaches 270 that the national popular vote winner of the presidential election will receive all electoral votes in the compact
  • Colorado Votes Act: HB19-1278
    • This bill continues to move Colorado forward on making voting accessible to all eligible Coloradans. Increases access to the ballot and minimize long lines on Election Day by updating the formula for drop-boxes and Voter Service and Polling Centers; allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will turn 18 and be eligible to vote in the general election; and making other cleanup changes to election law.
  • The Clean Campaign Act of 2019: HB19-1318
    • This bill will help bring more transparency and accountability into our elections so voters know who is spending money to influence their votes. Increases disclosure requirements for political spending by dark money groups in our elections, closes loopholes that allowed foreign money in Colorado elections, expands “paid for by” statements to improve transparency, and tightens coordination laws.
  • Lobbyist Transparency Act: HB19-1248
    • Improves transparency of lobbying activities at our state legislature by requiring lobbyists to report more frequently on their clients and bills they’re lobbying, as well as closing various loopholes on transparency.
  • Management of Legislative Workplace Conduct: SB19-244
    • Creates the Office of Legislative Workplace Relations at the legislature to receive and manage HR and workplace harassment issues, and creates a bipartisan committee to oversee complaints and help ensure accountability. Improves victim confidentiality and processes for handling formal or informal complaints.
  • Campaign Finance Enforcement: SB19-232
    • This bill will help ensure stronger enforcement of Colorado’s campaign finance laws and give voters more confidence that the system works for them – not special interests and mystery money groups.
  • Census Outreach Program: HB19-1239
    • This bill awards grants to local governments and nonprofits to do community outreach to help ensure a complete count of Coloradans for the 2020 census.
  • Automatic Voter Registration: SB19-235
    • Improves access to the ballot and expands the ability to participate in our democracy by implementing automatic voter registration for eligible Coloradans who visit the DMV, and eventually Medicaid applicants. The bill includes opportunities for these individuals to opt out if they so choose.
  • Expand Disclosure Electioneering Communications: SB19-068
    • This bill will provide additional transparency in election communications by closing a loophole that allowed for unreported mass communications between primary and general elections and requiring anyone spending $1,000+ per year on these communications to tell voters plainly who they are.