Universal Preschool Program
Streamlines access to early childhood care for families and provides 10 hours per week of free, high-quality preschool to every four-year-old in Colorado, saving families thousands of dollars and preparing our youngest learners for life-long success (HB22-1295)

Annual School Finance Act
Increases funding for public schools by $545 per student – $431 million total – in order to
reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay; reduces the Budget Stabilization Factor by
over $180 million to the lowest level since it was created; and includes additional funding
for more students to take advantage of the ASCENT program, where they can earn
college credit for free while still in high school or the year following (HB22-1390).

Funding for At-risk Students
Modernizes the way Colorado identifies at-risk students to include socioeconomic factors
that may impact academic success, increasing the number of students identified for
support and providing additional funding for their schools (HB22-1202).

Special Education Funding
Invests an additional $80 million per year into special education, serving more than
100,000 Colorado students and helping schools provide tailored assistance, decrease
class sizes and bring down student-teacher ratios (SB22-127).

Access to Student Financial Aid
Trains counselors to support students in applying for financial aid and improves the
accessibility of the state financial aid application in order to increase the number of
eligible students who complete applications (HB22-1366)

In-state Tuition for Colorado High School Graduates
Changes residency requirements to allow any student who graduates from a Colorado high school and has resided in the state for one year to receive in-state tuition, saving students money as they pursue higher education degrees (HB22-1155).

Opportunities for Credential Attainment
Expands educational pathways to help Coloradans count on-the-job training and previous experience toward their degrees or credentials, allowing them to enter the workforce or change careers more quickly and affordably (SB22-192).

Regional Talent Development
Invests $91 million in regional workforce development by promoting partnerships between employers and postsecondary institutions to fill high-paying jobs in growing industries across the state, especially in industries with staffing shortages (HB22-1350).

Removing Barriers to Educator Preparation
Tackles critical teacher shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic by investing $50 million into loan forgiveness, student educator stipends and covering the costs of license exams so that talented educators can enter the profession without facing undue financial burdens (HB22-1220).

Clean Water in Schools & Child Care Centers
Ensures every Colorado child has safe drinking water in their
learning environments by providing $18 million to school districts
and child care centers to test for lead, install filters and replace
outdated fixtures, thereby mitigating the life-long impact on learning
outcomes that can come from exposure to elevated levels of lead