Wildfire Mitigation for Local Governments
Invests $10 million in a matching grant program to help local governments develop and
fund sustainable forest management and wildfire mitigation efforts (HB22-1011).

Wildfire Mitigation for Homeowners
Helps homeowners and landowners mitigate against wildfire by extending a current
income tax deduction and creating a new state income tax credit for wildfire mitigation
expenses up to $625 per year (HB22-1007).

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery
Invests $35 million to help individuals, businesses, and governments to rebuild after disaster emergencies, creates the Office of Climate Preparedness to better prepare for and respond to future disasters and bolsters rapid response resources by $15 million (SB22-206).

Insurance Coverage for Fire Disasters
Enures homeowners displaced by declared wildfire disasters receive a fair payout from
their insurance companies by streamlining the claims process and increasing the
minimum reimbursement from 30% to 65% of the value of damaged or destroyed
property (HB22-1111).

Resources for Volunteer Firefighters
Supports Colorado’s local volunteer fire departments with $1 million so they have the
resources to purchase necessary equipment and provide training and creates a benefit
trust to support behavioral health care services for firefighters (SB22-002).

Wildfire Prevention through Watershed Restoration
Invests $20 million to protect Colorado’s watersheds and reduce the risk of wildfires
through mitigation, watershed restoration and flood mitigation grants (HB22-1379).

Wildfire Investigations & Response
Supports local fire departments in investigating the cause and origin of wildland fires
(SB22-080) and ensures local fire departments are notified before conducting a controlled burn (HB22-1123).

Seedling Tree Nursery
Invests $5 million in the state’s stock of tree seedlings to mitigate against future wildfires,
floods and other disasters (HB22-1323).

Oil & Gas Well Clean Up
Ensures oil and gas operators fund the plugging, reclamation, and remediation of abandoned and orphaned wells in order to protect our natural resources (SB22-198).

Resources for State Forest Service
Develops a statewide carbon accounting framework and allocates $7.2 million into wildfire mitigation grant programs (HB22-1012) and supports increased wildfire mitigation outreach and awareness campaigns (SB22-007).