In 2022 the Colorado Legislature saved Coloradans Money by:

Tax Relief for Families
Saving the average homeowner $274 on their property taxes (SB22-238), providing advanced tax refunds this summer to every Colorado resident — $400 for single filers or $800 for joint filers — (SB22-233), helping tax filers take advantage of tax reforms that will save families and workers $180 million this year through the expanded earned income tax credit and child tax credit (SB22-182) and saving homeowners money on wildfire mitigation (HB22-1007

Tax Relief for Businesses
Providing $1 BILLION in property tax relief over two years for homeowners and businesses (SB22-238), reducing fees to start your business (HB22-1001), allowing restaurants to keep $40 million of the sales tax they collect (HB22-1406), making sales tax filing easier (SB22-006) and replenishing the unemployment trust fund to avoid significant cost increases on businesses (SB22-234)

Saving Coloradans $428 million on housing by increasing and preserving opportunities for affordable rental and homeownership through grants and loan funds (HB22-1304, SB22-159, SB22-160) and investing in middle-income housing and innovative housing solutions (SB22-146, HB22-1282).

Behavioral Health
Saving Coloradans money on behavioral health care by investing $450 million to expand access to critical services statewide (HB22-1281, SB22-196, HB22-1302, SB22-147, SB22-148), create more residential treatment beds (HB22-1283, HB22-1303) and bolster the behavioral health workforce (SB22-181, SB22-177).

Child Care & Free Universal Pre-K
Helping child care providers keep their doors open (HB22-1006), supporting the delivery of 10 free hours of quality preschool for every Colorado family (HB22-1295) and saving families thousands of dollars, and helping parents get back to work (SB22-213).

Health Care
Ensuring Coloradans don’t face surprise medical bills (HB22-1285), requiring hospitals to disclose their prices (HB22-1284), reducing exorbitant costs of prescription medication (HB22-1370) and making fertility treatment more affordable (HB22-1008). Starting next year, Coloradans will save money on health care by purchasing the new Colorado Option health care plan on the individual market (HB21-1232)

Groceries & Everyday Essentials
Saving people money on groceries by expanding access to SNAP benefits (HB22-1380) and ensuring Coloradans don’t pay sales tax on essentials like diapers and hygiene products (HB22-1055).

Car Registration & Gas Fees
Saving drivers money on driver’s license fees and car registration fees (HB22-1004) and
temporarily freezing gas fees (HB22-1351).

College Tuition & Apprenticeships
Saving people money on college degrees by helping high school students earn college credit for free (HB22-1390), creating less costly pathways to certificate and degree programs (HB22-1350), strengthening flexible and affordable pathways to obtaining a degree (SB22-192), expanding eligibility for in-state tuition (HB22-1155), covering educational expenses for students in health care workforce shortage areas (SB22-226) and ensuring community colleges can offer bachelor’s degrees in nursing (SB22-003).

Professional Fees & Expenses
Saving educators money with stipends for student teaching and student loan forgiveness (HB22-1220), helping behavioral health care workers with loan repayment (SB22-181), saving early childhood educators extra money when they file their taxes (HB22-1010) and reducing license fees for nurses and health care professionals (HB22-1298, HB22-1299, HB22-1005).